About Us

Rooftop Yakiniku Restaurant
& Cocktail Bar

GYUKYOKU is nestled on the highest floor of STEG Kuala Lumpur, who recently been awarded “Most Stylish Boutique Hotel 2023″ by APAC Asia, a modern and vibrant attitude yet sophisticated lifestyle venue that’s so core to GYUKYOKU’s DNA.

Spatially designed by Tatsuo Akiba (CEO of T&C Japan), who are greatly experience with interior of restaurants, bar, clubs, offices, etc. GYUKYOKU is now a rooftop wine & dine venue integrated the Japanese designer’s view of ‘urban within the city‘ with the touch of tropical, separated into 2 main areas: Restaurant & Bar – both comes with the clear view of KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, making GYUKYOKU a fully owned by Japanese, operates by the Japanese (Head Chef & Head Baetender) and made by Japanese.


Cocktail Bar Area

An open concept rooftop space where you get to indulge to the beautiful skyline of KL City while sipping on your favourite cocktail by Osamu San, our Japanese bartender.

Yakiniku Restaurant Dining Area & VIP Room

A closed rooftop restaurant with air-conditioning where you enjoy the best way of grilled premium wagyu beef with a peace of mind (smoke-free and odor-free) and other signature dished by Chef Daisuke, our master chef from Japan.



A rooftop bar that provide you an ultimate sundown experience with house music while you discover our fun and exciting cocktails menu that lean toward the bright flavours of seasonal fruit. Run by highly – skilled F&B professional Osamu San, who had 20 years of work experience in restaurant in Ginza & Ropponggi (Tokyo) before he moved to KL City.

Some of our signature cocktails including:

  • Mangosteen Saketini
  • Passion Fruit Saketini
  • Coffee Mojito
  • Martini ... and more!



Our bestseller menu are authentic Japanese cuisine (Omakase) and Japanese Yakiniku BBQ that will be cook on our latest infrared grill set which is fully imported from Japan. This way of cooking allows you to discover the art of yakiniku in a healthier manner, where water cooled aluminium of the grill controls the temperature evenly throughout the process without burning the meat. The abundant far-infrared rays technology also helps to eliminate excess oil while locking in the juice of the meat, and most importantly, you may enjoy Yakiniku with peace o mind because it’s smoke-free and you do not have to worry about odor in the restaurant or on your clothes and hair.

Our head Chef Daisuke from Japan – had 13 years of work experience at a Japanese restaurant in Minnesota, USA before he returned to Asia to work in Japan and Hong Kong for the past 5 years from 2015-2019. Since then, he has relocate to KL City and continue to pursue his passion further with GYUKYOKU now, creating his unique recipes and sauces to give your taste bud a blast!

Some of our signature dishes including:

  • Premium Wagyu Beef
  • Beef Premium Skirt Steak
  • Sashimi
  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Salad...and many more!


Our Team


Executive Chef

Working as a chef in Japan for 20 years, I have gained a lot of skills and experience, mainly in handling Italian cuisine.

Cooking is a science. When it comes to Japan’s Japanese black beef, it has nothing but CHARM. And I would like to convey the wonders of Wagyu beef to the people of Malaysia. In“Gyukyoku”we share the correct knowledge and technology of cooking with customer to make the goodness out of the best quality material, so you get to enjoy the experience cultivated in Japan and let the cuisine expressed it’s fineness through the filter of sensitivity.

We aim to be a welcoming restaurant that Malaysian customers can feel at ease when they visit our restaurant, we provide daily food and services.



Lead Bartender

Replicating the knowledge and experience we have cultivated in Ginza, Tokyo at GYUKYOKU Bar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When it comes to cocktails, I think the most important element is temperature of the drink. Thus, homemade clear ice and alcohol are kept at -20 degrees Celsius overnight or more, and served in chilled glasses to maintain their deliciousness even in warm environments here.

We avoid using commercially available syrups as much as possible and instead use fresh fruits to enjoy the natural sweetness of cocktails, as well as homemade tonic water and ginger ale. We also open for cocktail orders other than those on the menu, so kindly chat with the bartender.

Professional Japanese Sake Mixologist Osamu Kinugawa

東京の銀座で培った知識と経験をそのままマレーシアで再現した おります。

私が飲み物で1番重要なのは温度だと思っております。自家製の 透明な氷やアルコールなどはマイナス20度で一晩以上寝かせ、 冷やしたグラスで提供することで暖かい環境でも美味しさが維持 できます。
極力、市販のシロップなどの使用を避けフレッシュフルーツなど を使うことにより天然の甘さを楽しむカクテルや自家製のトニッ ク ウ ォ ー タ ー や ジ ン ジ ャ ー エ ー ル な ど を 用 意 し て お り ま す 。メ ニ ュ ー以外のオーダーカクテルにも対応しておりますのでバーテンダ ーにお声かけください。

バーテンダー 衣川 修


General Manager

I’m very passionate when it comes to tasting delicious food. At the same time when I am eating, my mind would have thought about how the food could have been done to improve the taste, as well we how can improve on customer service and provide our guests a memorable experience.

This is what “Gyukyoku” represents by serving you our best quality ingredients for both food and drinks, creating our best selling and seasonal menu together with chef and bartender.

Please do not hesitate to let me know If you have any requests.